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Pro Deo is for you, if you are in 7th-12th grade and want a fun place to hang out after school and on Friday nights. Pro Deo is not just a place for after school programming…Pro Deo is a people group, a family, teens who are walking through life together through the good days and the bad days.

Hours of Operation
Monday-Thursday 3-6pm
Friday 3-Midnight

200 NE Chipman Rd
Lee’s Summit Mo 64063

From 3-6pm teens can drop in, eat snacks, do homework, take a fun class based on their interests, play sports, and hang out with friends…say No to boredom after school!

• Typical After School Classes can include- but are not limited to:

Arts, crafts, basic car care, cooking classes, Zumba, soccer, basketball, drawing, music lessons, song writing, web development
Sometimes life throws us curve balls that knock us on our butts. We get hurt, feel abandoned, feel useless, or just seem down.

Unbidden is a time in our week where teens can meet in a group setting to deal with the lows or the things that they are struggling with. These might include: Parents Divorce, Self Mutilation, Eating Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Pill/drug or Alcohol addiction, Abuse, Suicidal thoughts. “Unbidden” follows the steps of AA but is relevant to teens.

Come and be heard, know that you are loved, are not alone, and that healing is possible.

Mondays 3:45-4:45pm
Most people think teenagers are incapable of accomplishing great things, or doing much of anything except vacationing from responsibility. We’re not like most people.

Young adults have enormous potential, energy, and strength. If you are ready to do more than you think you can, if you are ready to rebel against low expectations, if you are ready to do hard things, then join us for Pro Deo’s Leadership Team. Pro Deo’s leadership training is an exclusive small group for teens who want to do more. We follow the curriculum in the book Do Hard Things, incorporate community service, team building activities, and really focus on self-identity.

If you think you are up for the challenge, inquire more at
Friday nights from 6pm-Midnight!

Come and eat a hot, home-cooked meal in a “family” setting. Come and play games, hang out, talk, and relax…then join us as we transition to party mode every Friday…We rotate fun events, from nights out on the town consisting of the corn maze, paint ball, Royals games…to themed nights like our Duck Dynasty Party (fully equipped for red neck success) or our Cinco De Mayo party that would not be complete without a piñata.

We mix in girls’ nights and guys’ nights which might include: spa nights or big screen video game tournaments. We are open till midnight so that you can stay out late with your friends, have a blast, and still not spend a dime. It doesn’t get much better than that!
Being a teen and being overweight or unhealthy can be difficult. Come join Pro Deo as we get healthy.

Spend time learning about proper nutrition, work out with friends, and find the support you need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Our weekly meetings will be on Wednesdays from 3:45-5:00pm with other work out times throughout the week. You deserve to be healthy!
Being a young mom can be isolating. Come, bring your baby and find support with other young moms.

Come to our play group and do sensory activities and other play activities with your child. This is time for you to focus on being a mom, play with your child, and also find friends that are in your same situation.

Play group is 3:30-5pm on Thursdays.
So much of Pro Deo fits in the Miscellaneous category. Pro Deo is all about meeting teens’ needs and a lot of time there is not a particular “program” or “service” that encompasses everything that a teenager needs. So the Miscellaneous part of our services are to meet you where you are and to help you get where you want to be…whatever that looks like and however we can help.

Some Typical needs are-

– Food Pantry- We house a food pantry that consists of “boxes” that will feed a teenager for 3 days and has food that teens can easily make and doesn’t take a lot of ingredients (i.e. easy mac, cereal, hamburger helper)

– Clothing Boutique- We house a clothing boutique that has clothes, shoes, and accessories that are in style for teens and are the brands you want to wear.

– Community Refferals- Do you need to see a counselor, need a dentist, or need help finding a place to live? Pro Deo can help with referring you to other agencies in Lee’s Summit and the Kansas City area that can help in your particular situation.

There is a caring community at Pro Deo Youth Center that believes in you and wants to go through life with you. Contact us today:
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What is Pro Deo Youth Center?
Pro Deo is a place, a people group, and a family. We are a place to grow, connect with peers, and have a blast through your teenage years.

How Do I get involved?
Students fill out a membership application one time only and then have unlimited access to our free programs, resources, and special events.

Where do I get a student membership application?
You can print one off here (link to application) or pick one up in person.

How do I sign up for Programs?
You can sign up in person at Pro Deo or on our website on our events calendar. (If this is not true we can change our wording)

Are there any residence restrictions?
Nope, but the majority of our students do come from Lee’s Summit.

When are you open?
Monday-Thursday 3-6pm and Friday 3-Midnight

Where are you located?
We are located at 200 NE Chipman Rd Lees Summit, MO 64063, just east of the skate park in the big yellow u-shaped shopping plaza called “Chipman Commons”

If this is free, how are you funded?
Pro Deo Youth Center is a 501(c)3 charity that relies on the support of individuals, companies, foundations, and churches to remain open.


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Support for parents

The parent support at Pro Deo Youth Center is designed to empower and encourage parents of teens. There is no denying that a parent is the number one influence in a teen’s life. However, Pro Deo realizes that in today’s ever-changing world, parents can sometimes use help navigating through the teenage years. At Pro Deo out goal is to be a parent’s ally who is on the front lines doing life with their teen.

As part of support for parents, we are always a phone call away. If you have questions about resources in our community, your teen, or how Pro Deo can walk through life with you and your family please contact us. In our desire to equip you as a parent as well we will provide relevant programs focused on the teen years so families can enhance life at home and open up the lines of communication between parents/guardians and students. We also love to answer any questions parents have about teens, plug parents into resources in the community, and provide other ways to join parents together through this journey.

We want parents to know our staff and our volunteers and for us to have a healthy relationship as we work together on behalf of your child. To do this we offer the following programs-

Parent Meet and Greet
Every Semester feel free to come and meet our staff and volunteers and see where your teen is hanging out. Find out updates on Pro Deo, get questions answered, meet other parents, etc.

Parent Library
At Pro Deo we have several books that we would recommend to parents of teens. Everything from books on addiction, boundaries, discipline, etc. is available.

Talk time
Sometimes a parent just needs to be heard; come and share your story, ask questions, or just vent and know that you are being heard. One of our staff or volunteers is just a phone call away. You are not alone in this journey.

We have a database
We have a database of local resources for specific crisis/situations to assist your family in whatever they are going through currently.

We can do referrals for local counselors, social service agencies, and other resources you may need.

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A Voice is to be heard

Who is Pro Deo Our History Ways to Help Meet Us

The community is a huge, integral part of Pro Deo. Without the community we would have no one to pour into the lives of our teens and we would have no community to plug our teens into. In these pages you will find out about the condition of the teens in lees summit as well as who Pro Deo is and how can you partner with us in our journey.

Community Involvement

We are constantly looking for ways for our teens to engage in the community. If you have community service opportunities, please send them our way. If you have a job that a teenager could do (even if it is mowing lawns, babysitting, or snow removal) please send your work our way. We have teens that need jobs and would love to work for you. If you have an event that your church, civic organization, etc is putting on and you think it would be fun for our teens we are always looking for more things for them to be a part of.

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