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Pro Deo is Seeking Speakers

Pro Deo is seeking speakers

Are you an expert in your field? Pro Deo is seeking speakers who can inspire and share their skills and talents with teens.

Every Monday, we host sessions focused on the Five Pillars: Creative Arts: Whether you're skilled in writing, drawing, sewing, quilting, singing, or dancing, we welcome your expertise to inspire our young artists.

Personal and Social Skills: From communication and leadership to emotional intelligence and conflict resolution, share your insights to help teens navigate interpersonal relationships and personal growth.

Sports, Health, Wellness: Share your passion for physical activity, nutrition, and overall well-being. Examples include yoga, nutrition workshops, team sports, and mental health discussions.

College, Career, Job Skills: Provide guidance on resume building, interview skills, career exploration, and higher education pathways to equip teens with the tools for success in the workforce and beyond.

Academic, STEM, Service: Are you a woman working in a tech field? Share your journey and expertise to inspire young minds in STEM fields. Additionally, explore academic enrichment opportunities and community service initiatives.

We curate a curriculum of speakers across the entire school year to ensure a diverse range of topics and perspectives. Consider becoming a guest speaker and help empower the next generation. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get involved.


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