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A Caring Culture in the Corporate World

A Caring Culture in the Corporate World

Nonprofits, like Pro Deo Youth Center, are reaping tremendous rewards from this movement across our community called corporate culture of caring. Several companies have been reaching out to Pro Deo to inquire, “how can our company help?”  Wow…..this shift in culture where companies and organizations see value when their employees commit a few hours to helping Pro Deo is mind blowing.  Typically it’s nonprofits doing the asking, but the culture shift is real.  Is your company considered to have a corporate culture of caring? 

Here’s the definition:  A caring culture is an organizational culture in which leaders consistently act in ways that help team members to thrive, and team members consistently act in ways that help other team members to thrive. 

See the examples through first-hand experience.  Let’s look at Beyond Wealth Advisors.  This local company had a team of 10-15 people who cleaned and detailed the two 15-passenger vans used to transport teens to and from activities.  They assembled a “senior celebration gift basket” filled with self-care items, gift cards, and necessities.  To top off the event, they ensured all 40+ people where fed a hot meal, shared some graduation cake and ice cream and stayed around to socialize with the teens.

When events like this take place, everyone from nonprofit staff members, to the teens we serve, to the Beyond Wealth Advisers employees left feeling inspired by how these partnerships lift each other up.  Pro Deo is already receiving inquiries on future projects with some of our corporate partners asking our favorite question….”how can our company help?”


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