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About Us

A Brief History of Pro Deo Youth Center

Our History

Pro Deo Youth Center was formed because of the keen observations and caring hearts of Kylie and Andy Ewing. The Lee's Summit couple noticed a strong need in the community – teens didn’t have a safe place to hang out after school and on the weekends. Many of the teens had greater needs – they were hungry, depressed, suicidal, feeling isolated, struggling in school, abused, homeless, or had experienced traumatic events in their lives.


Pro Deo was established as a 501(3)(c) in 2010 to help meet these needs based on mentoring and building great relationships.

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Pro Deo History

Our Core Values

Pro Deo Core Values

1. We believe teens have a voice which needs to be heard and valued in the community.

2. We believe every teen deserves to have someone in their corner.

3. We believe goals and dreams are admirable and to be encouraged.

4. We believe young people need to have character development encouraged, taught, and lived out by example.

5. We believe there should be a safe, fun, empowering environment for teens to grow and develop.

6. We believe the basic needs of teens need to be met if we expect them to function in the community in a healthy manner.

7. We believe teenagers deserve to be surrounded by their community, their family, and caring adults.

8. We believe it takes a village to raise a family. Therefore, Pro Deo is not only here for teens but for parents and the community.

Our Annual Report

Pro Deo 2023 Annual Report
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