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Welcome to Pro Deo

Pro Deo Youth Center uses the BAND mobile app - 100% free

Pro Deo uses the BAND mobile app so teens can easily sign up for weekly activities.

Got questions? View some of our frequently asked questions by teens and parents new to Pro Deo below.

A quick look at our Student Code can be found here.

How to Access the BAND App


Quick Step by Step Guide

BAND is available for free on both mobile and desktop devices.


BAND is available for free on both mobile and desktop devices.

Visit in your browser to log in or sign up to a new account


Visit in your browser to log in or sign up to a new account.

Click the 'Login button' in the menu to view the login screen


Click the 'Login button' in the menu to view the login screen.

You can access your account using a phone number, email, or social login.


You can access your account using a phone number, email, or social login.

Access from PC

Log in to BAND using any mobile or desktop device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Program Volunteers (semester commitment recommended)
    Every day after school, Pro Deo Youth Center provides after school programs and tutoring. Our goal is to give all Lee’s Summit teens a safe place to go where they can be loved, valued, and equipped for change. Program volunteers serve after school by leading workout classes, teaching life skills, contributing to small groups, doing art projects, and by being a consistent loving adult in the teens lives. If there is a healthy living or lifestyle skill you’d like to share with our teens please contact staff with your ideas. Requirements: at least 21 years old, volunteer application submitted, background check completed
  • Presenter/Activity Leaders
    Volunteers who have a special talent or skill that they would like to share, teach, or lead can do so by completing the Volunteer Presenter/Activity Leader form. Presenters are asked to prepare a 30-45 minute interactive or hands-on activity that is appropriate for high school age students. Depending upon the number of students participating, the presenter may be asked to do the activity twice. For example, the first group of students would be with the presenter from 3 to 3:50. Then, the activity could be repeated with a different group of students from 4 to 4:45 p.m if desired. This would ensure smaller group sizes. Suggestions for activities can be found in the Volunteer Handbook. A Pro Deo staff person will always be present when the activity leader is with the students.
  • Extra Hands
    Individuals who serve in the role of Extra Hands generally are not here to lead an activity rather they are here to assist staff by being an extra set of hands, ears and eyes. You may assist in group activities if needed, but you will also be there to build relationships while having conversations with teens. If you see or hear something going on with the teens, report those instances to staff. We appreciate Extra Hand volunteers who are willing to volunteer on a regular basis, whether it is once a week, twice a month or whatever works best for your schedule.
  • Drivers
    We are always looking for more volunteers to help us transport teens. Transportation is always one of the biggest barriers that keeps teens from being able to attend Pro Deo Youth Center and we would like to reduce that barrier as much as possible. After School drivers will arrive at Pro Deo Youth Center at 2pm, drive one of our 15 passenger vans to the designated local high school and bring those teens back to Pro Deo. We are also seeking volunteer drivers to help transport teens home after programming at 5pm.
  • Tutors
    Skilled tutors are what makes our Tuesday/Thursday Homework Room possible. This volunteer position will work one on one with a teen or assist a small group of teens if they are working on the same project.
  • Corporate, Church, or Group Volunteers
    Groups can volunteer in two ways: teen interactions or one-day/short term projects. Teen interactions include anything from providing Friday night dinners, sponsoring a fun evening outing, planning a holiday party, or even just organizing games or activities for our teens to do during after school programming. One day projects can include facility projects such as cleaning, outdoor work, organizing the supply closet or any other project suggested by a staff member.
  • Community Service Hours/Court Ordered Hours
    Teens or other individuals may volunteer with Pro Deo for community service hours. Projects include cleaning, organizing, doing office work, or other tasks needed to assist staff.

Pro Deo Student Code

Pro Deo Studet Code

This is the Pro Deo Student Code Agreement


I will honor Pro Deo and other's space and property by treating other the way I want to be treated.

I will promote kindness and encourage others rather than put them down with hurtful comments.

I will respect Pro Deo staff and volunteers by giving them my full attention when asked.



I will promote an alcohol, tobacco, drug and violence free environment at Pro Deo activities.

I will use appropriate language at all times while at Pro Deo.

I will be responsible for my actions and attitude by being open and teachable.

I will complete my chores assigned to keep Pro Deo clean and accessible to all.



I will participate in activities at Pro Deo, even if they are outside of my comfort zone.

I will be faithful to attend events I sign up for and I will let staff know 24 hours in advance if I cannot attend.

I will remain in the immediate area of the event for the entirety of the event unless I have communicated with staff and my parent(s), and I have received permission to leave.

Ways to Donate

Click below for two great ways to help fund Pro Deo

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