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Is It Really True? Free Activities?

Pro Deo Teen Activities

This is the question often asked when a parent or parental figure calls to inquire about Pro Deo Youth Center.  Is it really true that you don’t charge for your teen activities?  How can that be?  The fact that Pro Deo has existed for nearly 13 years on the premise that everything is free for teens causes some people to question our value.  But in this case, understanding is key.  Understanding that barriers to accessing our teen center  means separation of the “haves” and the have nots”.  Our core value is to break down the barrier between those who can or can’t afford our services—activities, counseling, or tutoring–by offering all of our services at no charge. 

The frequently asked question is “are the activities really free?” can simply be answered with a resounding “YES!”  Now to be transparent, any family that can donate on a monthly basis or as needed is greatly appreciated.  Pro Deo has had many family members drop off snacks for our teens, sign up to cover a Friday night meal or summer lunch, or even sign up to be a regular monthly donor.  Each of these gestures is kindly accepted.

Our board of directors is committed to fulfilling our mission without charging fees.  They are determined that our community cares enough about the population of teenagers needing a safe and fun place to hang out that they rely on generosity and compassion.

Generosity comes in many forms.  Take the people like you who buy from our Amazon Wishlist.  Or groups like Advanced Aesthetics, PEO Chapter ET, Whataburger, CBM Reps, and Northpoint Foundation who give gift cards or items that directly benefit the teens, families and our organization.  This movement of corporate caring fuels Pro Deo to serve more and more families living in marginalized conditions.  

In Lee’s Summit?  Really…marginalized conditions?  Yes, right here in our backyards, teenagers are looking for a place to belong, be loved, be surrounded by caring adults.  Pro Deo is proud to work alongside the parent or parent figure to lift up and support the teens in whatever they are facing.  One teen suicide or one teen living in isolation is one too many.  Our thanks to the corporations, organizations, and foundations who believe in Pro Deo’s mission.


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