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Mavericks Hockey Game

Pro Deo Teens at the KC Mavericks Hockey Game

KC Mavericks hockey is a great example of a Friday Fun Night event, and guess what? We make sure to bring this outing back every season! Friday Fun Nights are all about creating a safe and super fun atmosphere where teens can kick back with friends and dive into experiences you might not get to do every day.

Whether you're cheering on the team, enjoying the electric atmosphere, or just soaking up the excitement of the game, KC Mavericks hockey is where memories can be made. And guess what? If you're a high school-aged teen registered with Pro Deo, you're in luck! Events like these are happening year-round, so get ready to mark your calendar for some serious fun.

Friday Fun Nights at Pro Deo are the perfect blend of thrills, camaraderie, and pure end-of-week excitement!

Friday Fun Night


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