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Wesley's Place Designs

Pro Deo Youth Center - Capital Campaign

Look at what we are building!

The Wesley Place offers a vibrant and engaging structural design tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of teenagers.

Collaborating closely with Collins Webb Architecture, Pro Deo is set to revolutionize the concept of youth spaces. 

The Wesley Place is set to include a podcast room, maker space/creative arts room, a fully equipped kitchen, and a designated area for middle-school activities, which can offer special community space.

Plans also encompass inviting picnic areas, a sports court, and garden spaces.

According to Roger Webb, principal architect for the project, the design philosophy for the Wesley Place is to create an environment that sparks curiosity, fosters laughter, and encourages play. The open-plan layout provides ample space for social interactions and creative endeavors, while study rooms offer a conducive environment for focused academic pursuits. 

Pro Deo Youth Center - Capital Campaign


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