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Our Programming Fund

Pro Deo Youth Center - Teen Programs

Keep The Fun Going!

The Programming Fund supports teen activities that include creative arts, personal and social wellbeing, sports and health, college, career / job skills, as well as academic, STEM, and service learning. Your donation helps support supplies, transportation, insurance, supervision, and administration.


Your donation can really help:

  • $25 – Helps fund individualized support (one on one) for ONE teen for a week.

  • $50 – Helps fund ten HOURS of safe, fun activities for ONE teen.

  • $100 – Sponsors one MONTH of teen birthday celebrations.

  • $200 – Helps fund one MONTH of tutoring for ALL teens.

  • $500 – Sponsor one “Friday Fun Night” activity for ALL teens.

  • $750 – Funds a YEAR of transportation for ONE van.

  • $1,000 – Helps fund a YEAR of small group mental health support for ALL teens.

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