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Sewing is Fun at Pro Deo

Teaching Pro Deo Teens How to Sew

At Pro Deo, we're all about unleashing creativity and fostering self-reliance in teens. And you know what's both practical and a blast? Sewing!

From fixing up pants to whipping up costumes for anime conventions, sewing lets you express yourself while being totally hands-on. If you've got sewing or knitting skills, we're on the lookout for those who can work their magic with fabric and yarn! Imagine the fun of teaching a teen how to design their own fashions or create the coolest cosplay outfit ever.

Plus, sewing at Pro Deo isn't just about making stuff - it's about problem-solving and paying attention to the little details. So, if you're up for sharing your sewing or knitting mojo and having a blast while doing it, we want you on our team!

Reach out today and let's get this thread rolling!

Pro Deo Volunteers Needed


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